Monday, October 22, 2012

Making application high availability the least of your worries

Ensuring application high availability (HA) is in your best interest, but only if you have the right solution to do the needful. Otherwise, HA can pose a serious problem, increasing your chances of lagging behind, and providing competitors with an opportunity to do better. However, it is possible to avoid any situation, if you are careful when making the choice and avoid finalizing the first solution, at least not before you have ascertained its viability. Anyways, firstly you must ensure that the solution is fit for the environment you work in; therefore, differentiating between Linux and Windows environments is more or less inevitable.

As soon as you are sure of the environment for which you actually require the solution, you can try and ask for evaluation software, if at all it is available. For this, you may have to be specific and convey that it is application high availability that is on your mind, in order to ensure that only the relevant solution is given to you. Of course, in addition to requesting the evaluation software, you must also ensure that the solution has all or most of the desired characteristics and can come in handy when you are having trouble with HA.

For example, no matter how good the solution is, if it requires you to invest in expensive hardware, you may not want to opt for it especially if with your budgetary constraints, it is not possible for you extend HA to applications in an uneconomical manner. Likewise, you may or may not have experts working for you and can therefore face difficulty in making the most of any solution, especially a complex one. Therefore, looking for a solution that brings in easiness is your only option unless you are sure that complexity will not make the matters worse for you.

Meanwhile, all efforts made to ensure HA, scouring a feasible solution being one of them, can go in vain if you are yet to think about disaster recovery. Therefore, as soon as availability is dealt with, you should start looking for disaster recovery software or may be something that combines the two. Though you can always find out what’s best for your business, wizard-based software is likely to the serve the purpose most of the times. At the same time, if the software not only supports recovery at the basic level, i.e. within LAN's, but also extends its scope to virtualized environments, you are making the right decision.


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