Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding some reliable business continuity solutions

When you are trying to ensure that there is continuous uptime, you cannot afford to solely focus on high availability. As a matter of fact, business continuity solutions should be equally good at handling replication. This is because if the solutions do not enable you to replicate data then you will find it tough when something goes wrong or there is a disaster. The main problem that you are likely to face is that you won’t be able to resume normal business operations. If you do succeed even then you’d be able to resume operations only after struggling for hours.

Anyways, the bottom line is that business continuity solutions should take care of both the aspects, i.e. availability and replication. As far as availability is concerned, the solutions should help you in determining whether or not your systems are responding the way they should. In other words, the solutions should offer granular visibility into the health of your systems. Just so you know if any such provision is not there then even if the systems simply keep on running, you’d never get to know. Furthermore, even your IT stack will be at risk. As you already know, your IT stack includes applications, network infrastructure resources and a lot more.

So, if you want that your IT stack remains protected then you should ensure that the awareness offered by the solutions is extended to all of the components of the stack. Specifically, you can always look for application protection especially if your applications are critical to your business. Nevertheless, you should not have to pay a heavy price for protecting your applications as well as other important components of your IT stack. For saving money, you have to be careful when finding solutions and must choose only the ones that require no expensive hardware.


  1. I'm sure the recent winter storm Nemo had every business thinking about how they can improve upon their business continuity and what types of backup plans they have in place in case of an emergency. I bet the amount of business continuity software and programs installed have gone up as well.